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We are asking a favor. If you could send, bring or email a copy of this to your local boat trader, boat wrapper, or boat newspaper it would help our organization with its REACH. Many newspapers are looking for free articles and please feel free to forward in your locale. This has become a very helpful tool in all respects.

May, 2024

May is Military Support Month.  Thank you especially to the USCG.  Read the history of the USCG here: United States Coast Guard (USCG) | History & Facts

March, 2024

We have new forms and courses, the business continues to thrive, and we are busy helping. Don't listen to your friends, neighbors or competitive organizations. Get the facts. We can answer most questions for the mariner/boating public about marine surveyors including explaining organizations, licensing, apprenticeships, and certification requirements for your state. Women are finding new ways to add to their business. Happy Woman's History month.

January 31, 2024

Navtech had unprecedented growth in 2023. We have a standing attorney for Florida issues. Call for referral. If your post is removed, you did not renew. We are grateful for your continued enrollments and ethics support. Watch our Facebook pages for lots of good info. You do not have to be a student or MMS to follow us on Facebook.

January 1, 2024

Thank you all for another successful year. Our focus this year is to update our courses with streamlining and more ease of use for modern learners. We are going to add some a la carte courses as well. Our outreach this year is the COAST GUARD FOUNDATION located in Connecticut. Always call with questions. There is so much misinformation in the business of marine surveying. Be sure your end result is value for your enrollment fees. We guarantee passing.

In Memoriam Michael Lambert, Co-Administrator 1955-2023.

September 2023

Marine Surveyor (Tips to select them)

Marine surveyors are experts who evaluate and assess the condition of ships, boats, and other maritime vessels. Their function is critical in guaranteeing vessel safety and seaworthiness, and they are expected to maintain high ethical standards in their work.

Below 6 important notes when selecting a marine surveyor to represent your interest:

  1. Marine suveyors must have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to carry out their jobs efficiently. They should also be conscious of their own limitations and seek advice or support when needed.
  2. Marine surveyors must maintain integrity and honesty in all of their dealings. They must not make false or misleading claims or engage in any action that jeopardizes their integrity.
  3. Marine surveyors have to keep a professional posture at all times. They should dress appropriately and speak effectively with clients, colleagues, and other survey participants.
  4. They should not be influenced by external considerations such as the vessel's owner or operator, charterer, or any other entity with an interest in the vessel. Their opinions and suggestions should be based purely on the facts of the case, and any conflicts of interest should be avoided.
  5. Marine surveyors should put safety first in their work. They must identify any safety risks and adopt suitable prevention/mitigation actions. They should also be familiar with pertinent safety legislation and guidelines.
  6. Marine surveyors must keep their clients' information confidential and should not release any information without the client's permission or unless required by law.

July 2023

Insurance Claims Data: Claims data from insurers indicates the most common cause of identifiable boat damage is striking a submerged or floating object, representing 31 percent of all losses submitted in the United States. Wind and hail damage is the second most common cause of claims, accounting for 13 percent. Collision with a fixed object, such as a dock, was third with almost 8 percent. Collisions with another watercraft represent only a small percentage of losses.

May 2023

Always Safety First

March 2023

Navtech US Surveyors celebrates almost 40 years of training and certifying marine surveyors. Thank you to the boating business community for your recognition and support. Navtech’s Code of Ethics for marine surveyors is second to none and the school remains the only independent certifying organization worldwide. There is much disinformation and dubious if not illegal claims, that other organizations are the “only” accepted marine surveyor organizations. And yet, this Restriction of Trade practice continues. Interesting that Navtech has trained more than a majority of the current working members of other organizations using the Best Practices of Standards Based Curriculum.

In 2021. Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Virginia Harper was recognized as one of the top 20 Women in Boating. An author of 11 training manuals-with online access- she is honored to be one of the judges of the Boating Writers International Excellence in Writing judges.

Navtech offers 11 courses addressing each silo of the marine surveying business The most popular program remains the Master Marine Surveyor (MMS) certification. An honored professor and teacher, including for online teaching and assistance, Dr. Harper and her staff, Navtech is enjoying unprecedented training success including the incorporation of qualified women.

February 2023

The lack of government oversight for the surveying profession can probably be traced to the wide range of services performed by surveyors, and the practical obstacles to the regulation of those services through one agency. Most boat owners will need a surveyor when they buy a boat, and for insurance renewal purposes. However, a surveyor may be called upon to survey large commercial vessels of every description. They also perform marine insurance investigations, including investigations for lost or stolen cargo from merchant ships, and they testify as expert witnesses in litigation.

A surveyor may also be asked to evaluate vessels operating under different regulatory environments, ranging from Coast Guard passenger safety regulations to construction requirements imposed by international vessel classification organizations or "P&I Clubs," such as Lloyds of London. Merchant ships and large yachts are typically insured through these organizations, which employ their own surveyors to oversee construction and repair and perform periodic inspections throughout the world.

Even a small yacht survey may involve different construction methods and materials, complicated mechanical or electrical systems and different propulsion systems. A surveyor experienced in steel or aluminum workboats probably knows little or nothing about a modern racing sailboat. No surveyor is qualified to perform all these tasks, and no one regulatory agency would want to take on the task of licensing or oversight of such a varied profession.

January 2023

One of the most challenging things we do is answer questions based on erroneous information about the marine surveyor business from...honestly...who knows? Your friends in the business sometimes don't know what they are talking about. Your dock neighbor doesn't always either. And if you are getting your information about the business from your eventual competition, well you might be asking the wrong people. Whether you enroll or not, you might want to call for our brochures so you can get the Straight Talk.. We always put the learner first so don't be afraid to contact us. I have again been asked to judge the Boating Writers International Boating Business Article Competition. We are in the middle of our annual course updates but you will never miss anything. HAPPY NEW YEAR and THANK YOU!

December 2022

October 2022

Hello from Hurricane Ian aftermath. The office is safe and we are safe. Power and Internet were returned. Cell phone and office services are now working. Fort Myers Beach is 80% destroyed and I am sure you saw the news of the bridge and causeway to Sanibel and Captiva. The shrimp fleet is destroyed as well as the city marina downtown and up and down the coastline. Boats are in front and back yards, parking lots and main streets. Access to the beach is closed as parts of the road are covered in sand or gone. Thank you for your emails of support and concern. I am a native Floridian and have lived in the Caribbean. I have been through 15 hurricanes and I do not exaggerate when I say we have never been through a storm like Ian. Twisters embedded and cyclonic in nature for 12 hours. I continue to post photos to our Facebook page: NavtechUSSurveyors. Many of you want to help. No one is allowed near the boat destruction for at least another week. Insurance adjustors are first for total losses.

May 2022

Because the boating business is exploding, our courses pricing has changed to a new student friendly format. Please see our new comprehensive enrollment form.

March 2022

General Information

February 2022

January 2022

Thank you for another year of support, your contributions and for staying in touch. At this link you will find all updates for 2021 to our courses where appropriate. It is hard to believe the times we have been through together. Please stay in touch. Our outreach this year continues to be Mariner assistance, especially during COVID and we continue to find ways to restore the Bahamas and Haiti. We continue to root out restriction of trade. You would think the insurance and banking industries would know better. Please contact us immediately. Don't wait or the moment has passed. Final Removals for non renewal begin Monday January 10. Fishing Vessel Logs for Title 46 inspectors are now due. Thank you to those of you who renewed. HQ

January 2022

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January 2021

We wish you a Happy New Year and like all of you glad to say goodbye to 2020. The bright spot is boat sales rose possibly due to Recovery Funds. Stay safe and standing by. If you are a transferring or inactive, give a call and we will make it easy to get together.

October 2020

NavTech News Fall Edition

October 2020

As we head into the winter season, please remember to stay safe.  We try hard here at headquarters to help you stay safe and pursue your boating professions. As COVID continues, we are constantly fine tuning our courses online to give you more honesty, efficiency and interface with your professional and personal boating experience. We avoid "gatekeeping" for knowledge and education at all costs.  We are educators first and put our students first.  We thank you for your kind words and support.  For current students--would you please get your exams in.

August 2020

NO GATEKEEPING! We would like to pause and send out thank you to all who have trusted us with your marine surveyor training, especially over the last 6 months. We know times are tough for some of us and for others, we have been able to reflect on what we really want to do with the rest of our lives. Our job is to show you how to use your knowledge and experience to make a better life by doing for business--what you love--boating. Often I forget to say thank you enough for trusting us to show you that you have what it takes. Education isn't about "gatekeeping." It's about knowledge sharing so that we all succeed at what we love best. Thank you.

July 2020

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June 2020



This training is for the surveyor who wants to understand the rigging and sails systems on sailboats. An excellent guide for the surveyor who would like to add “climbing the stick” as part of their inspection services. This course offers a separate certificate and more detailed training than what is available in our popular Recreational and Small Commercial Master Marine Surveyor Course. A separate diploma is offered. Student/Member Price $45. Non Student/Non Member $95.


This training is for the surveyor who wants to understand engines. The guide covers the basics of all engine types and provides confidence building for report writing: Gas, Diesel, Jet Drives, Exotics. Checklists for report writings. Student/Member Price $45. Non Student/Non Member $95.

June 2020

Thank you for enrolling with us. Our COVID professional bundle online is hugely successful. We welcome our new students and please all, get your diplomas in as soon as possible. Summer is coming, storm season is coming...we stand by to help.

May 2020

During COVID 19 Restrictions
Online Only $995
Professional Surveyor Bundle
4 Certifications
Accident and Fraud Investigation
Introduction to Commerical Ship Inspection
Corrosion Control
Also available at an online discount:
Inter-Modal Cargo
Legal Guide for Marine Surveyors

March 2020

We will get through this because we believe the safest place to be, and you help make it that way--is on a boat. Students, members and friends: We have taken all Covid-19 precautions in our office and we sanitize all binders and courses before they are sent. We ask that you stay safe during your inspections. Wear gloves and if need be in tight spaces wear masks. Follow all guidelines.

March 2020

For thirty plus years Navtech has made and efficient, user friendly, distance learning program for experienced mariners. If you have been thinking about marine surveyor training, now is the best time to get started while we wait out this Corona Virus paradigm. We have always put safety first. All courses and binders are sanitized before the leave the office and always have been. We stand by to help.

March 2020

Accident and Fraud Investigation course may be for you. Accident and Fraud Investigation course has been revised, edited and annotated. It is also now online. Take advantage of special student/member pricing.

February 2020

Houseboats? Yes, we are always adding training information about houseboats. Alabama fire in the news.

January 2020

We often get asked about insurance for your business. Errors and Omissions is indeed expensive but may be necessary for your locale and operation. We often get asked about necessary business tools for practicing. Email us for our recommendation flyer. It's New Year...time for a New Business.

Winter 2020

Thank you all for your continued support. Please remember to like our Facebook page at NavtechUSSurveyors. Enrolled students, please get your exams into headquarters so we can add you to our web page and continuing education updates. We have a new white paper: Algae Toxins and the Boater. Please contact for a copy. Thank You for Your Support. Please like, share your stories, and photos, and friend us on Facebook at NavtechUSSurveyors. If you have something for members only please email to or Wishing You and Yours Prosperity Hope and Joy for 2020!

May, 2019

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